Monday, January 20, 2014

Profile of a Tired Girl - JENNY!

So I have reached out to some real Tired Girls that I know. I thought it would be fun to see inside the world of other Tired Girls who want the Good Life.  Our first profile is from Jenny.  I know her in real life and she is the perfect two-sided woman - she is truly and seriously a Tired Girl AND she strives and achieves the Good Life. And she makes me laugh.  Here is our first Tired Girl Profile:  

First name: Jenny

Tired Girl product(s) recommendation:  Gotta admit I’m not a big product girl. That being said, here are a few items for which I could be forced to muster some excitement:

 - Yesto Carrots Daily Cream Facial Cleanser: I like the Yes to Carrots cleanser because it’s gentle, paraben/SLS/phtalate-free, and most importantly, does not make my skin freak out like just about everything other cleanser out there.  I’m sure I’d love some of the fancier cleansers, but my wallet disagrees. The only reason I even discovered this stuff was because it had a “Manager’s Special” sticker on it in a big bin of miscellaneous personal beauty products at the end of the cereal aisle at the grocery. So, you know, it’s accessible.

Here they are on amazon
 - Thayer’sWitch Hazel Astringent Pads: Let me begin by saying, yes, I’m the famous genius who recommended that Carrie use witch hazel to reduce puffiness. On recommendation of a friend, I tried it out as a toner after washing my face and loved it! I’d recommend that if you are a particularly Tired Girl, you should get these pre-soaked pads. I use the pads to reduce puffiness, remove make-up, or just because it makes my skin feel like I did something to it.

 - Trader Joe’s Vitamin E Oil: Yeah, it’s oily. Use it sparingly. But you will not find a more hydrating product than straight up Vitamin E Oil. 

 - YerbaPrima Skin Brush: Did this just get weird? Does anyone else out there brush their skin? No? Okay, nevermind.

Least favorite chore and how you work around it: Laundry. 1,000 times, laundry. I “work around it” by going about my life doing other things while it sits in a pile on the dining table. Frankly, it should be thanking me that I got it that far.
Seriously, I don’t know a work-around for laundry. Someone tell me. All I can think of is that I should get rid of all of our clothes.

Favorite non-tired activity: Hiking. Reading. Sewing. Yoga. Running around with my boys. Playing guitar. Actually, those all sound tired, don’t they?

Your go-to most tired dinner (take-out doesn’t count because as we know that is our MOST most most favorite): The current favorite easy meal around here is good ol’ beans and rice. Sometimes I add salsa to the rice for cooking. For the beans, I just heat some minced garlic in olive oil, then add black beans and cumin and let them simmer. Then I get really fancy by throwing a couple of frozen Trader Joe’s Naan pieces in the oven for 5 minutes. Makes the whole family happy!  

What is your most Tired Girl comfy uniform:  My dark skinny jeans, faded brown ankle boots, button up plaid shirt. Faaaancy!

Your most tired work outfit (whether your work is away from home or at home: Uh, see “comfy uniform” question. I dress this up by swapping the boots for red wedges, button-up shirt for silky black tank, add long necklace and lipstick. And, you know, pull my hair out of a bun. ;)

Biggest Tired Girl splurge: We recently splurged on a Keurig coffee maker. I thought this would make morning coffee much more interesting and fun, but actually I find myself spending MORE time on the coffee making and cleaning process.  A.) The K-cups are expensive, and I haven’t found one that I love, so we end up mostly just using our own coffee in the reusable filter. B.) When we DO use K-cups, my conscience won’t let me just throw them away, so I have to disassemble them to separate them for recycling.  I miss the regular coffee pot.

Current toenail color: Burgundy

Tired Girl philosophy: Be nice. 

I will not hold her appreciation for skinny jeans against her.  She also sent me an awesome tip for a future Tired Girl post.  

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