Sunday, January 12, 2014

Tissue Tassel Garland for Tired Girls -

I like to know what’s going on in the world. Sometimes that means knowing about boring and important things, like a change in flood insurance in Florida, and luckily it sometimes means knowing that, apparently, zippers on things are super in style right now. Especially if it’s a zipper that serves no purpose.

It may have all started with this company -
I have no idea  - I don't know why I said that-
their site seems official (expensive).   Confetti System link
When I traveled this fall I saw and loved these tassel garlands, and eventually looked them up. They are apparently popular everywhere in the world except my own house, because I didn't know they existed until recently.

So in my effort to still have the Good Life, regardless of fatigue, I am going to show you these things - (just in case you didn't know about them either) so you can look brilliant at a party when the flood insurance conversation wanes. I don’t know what parties you go to, but at mine, flood insurance chat quickly turns to trends in tissue paper.

If you google search "tissue tassel garland" your computer will explode, maybe.
If you type in tissue tassel garland to you accidentally spend like $63.  There are a lot of choices on etsy.  You will need to take a half day from work just to look at them all. 

Two things I love about these things:
1) They serve no purpose except to be fun.
2) The unique and beautiful color choices that are created.

Because there are so many creative people making and selling these on etsy it was hard to choose whose photos to share - because I haven't actually made and photographed any of these myself. 

Here are some photos from the shop GlamFeteByBri



Here’s a quick how to also, if you feel so inclined to make instead of purchase. In six years, when they are out of style, I will get around to making a set myself, just to solidify my ability to always be two steps behind.

HGTV DIY Tissue Tassel Garland. 

You don't have to be getting married or having a baby to use these I think.
You can just string one up because it's Tuesday. Source

There are a batrillion blog sites that show how to do this too. I just couldn't pick one so I chose none.  

Anyone make a string of these? 

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